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Santa must have upgraded his sled to a turbo because I feel like Christmas only just finished, yet it's only 2 days away.

We have been stacking the shelves in the shop for weeks to make your holiday in Wye River easy like today's fresh sea breeze.

With 7 days of pure sunshine on the program, everyone should be able to enjoy the great outdoors that we all come here for. The new tourism sign out the front on the notice board (pictured below) details some local walks and natural attractions to visit whilst in town.

Unfortunately this season we won't have a dinner service, due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. one of our longstanding staff rental properties has been sold, leaving us short of accommodation. So the cafe hours will be 730AM - 5PM daily, with kitchen hours 730AM - 330PM. The store will trade 7AM - 7PM daily (hours subject to change on public holidays). And of course the kiosk will be open for take-away coffees from 7AM, and all your deep fried needs when tip-toeing in from the hot sand!

Thanks everyone! Stay safe and have a beauty.

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